Sip the Tea, Sis!

Sip the Tea, Sis!

Hi Queens, 

I know it's been quite a while since the last drop, I’ve missed you guys! 👉🏽👈🏽  However, since then we have been working hard to become the very best version of ourselves. By expanding our customer service, improving sustainability consciousness, perfecting our content and branding, we are confident that our service will be fitting to everyone’s needs. 

Recently, life has taken me down a path of deep reflection and self discovery. I've experienced a personal transformation that has driven me to curate a new purpose behind ‘Nikoi by Kai’. Now y’all need to cut me some slack, I started this brand when I was merely sixteen just like you, I have grown and matured throughout the years. As I reach the final months of my adolescence,I know that almost all of my business values have changed (for the better)! 

So, with that being said we have hella changes and I’m so excited to tell you all about them. First things first, I've been able to assemble  a small team of amazing individuals to further solidify our company, and it’s about time! Everyone knows, teamwork makes the dream work, babyyy. This is a major rebranding moment for us! Second, we are exploring reinvention and self expression through what we put on our bodies-swimwear,duh! We continue to be inspired by women who step fully into their power and do not shy away from responsibility or discipline. Our muse carries herself with greatness, poise, and strength. We are here to support all beings regardless of gender, sex and race. 

We will continue to make time to “Sip the Tea” with y’all monthly. Each blog post will promote positive and relative material ranging from earth wellness, lifestyle, health, culture, fashion, beauty, brand messages, personal entries from our team and whatever else we feel like. Our unique swim line which includes pieces that are handcrafted in Brazil with love and then handled with care in Hawaii are meant to uplift your energy and boost your confidence with every wear

Thank you for the undivided support and encouragement, I am very excited to turn this new leaf with you. 

Forever placing you queens on a pedestal. XOXO.

-Kai aka Regina



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