No Longer 19, Queen

Girl, it’s scorpio season!!!!!! 

I might be a little biased, but I think it’s safe to say we love it here and I mean why wouldn’t you? Easily the sexiest, spookiest, most controversial time of the year, we’ve been ready for it. Our bikinis may be cultivated for the water woman but do not underestimate our eternal  flame, she’s hot.

The brand is growing out of adolescence and taking on the daunting responsibility of womanhood. Helping fellow boss babes feel empowered and confident is an ideal that I have always tried to incorporate throughout all of my campaigns and every collection has done so in its own unique manner. The “Regina” collection is my latest embodiment of what I believe it means to be a badass woman. Exploring my 20-somethings or whatever SZA said, is an adventure I am so excited to embark on. Although our experiences are as unique as we are as individuals, creating a sense of togetherness makes the unknown seem a little sweeter. Maybe you’re going through it or  you’ve already been through it but think of it as a coming of age journey we can take on together. 

This month I want to encourage all of  you baddies to take risks, big or small. Whether it's changing the color of your hair, or changing what state you live in, do it. The world is your oyster and sis, I love me a good oyster. 

Regina, play “Dancing Queen” by ABBA